Untitled Sculpture

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Materials Used: Styrofoam board and hot glue, at RISD pre-college (2016).

Just something new I tried over the summer. It was tedious, but loved trying something new and 3 dimensional.



Dichotomy, Sisam Bhandari 2015.

I aim to convey the divisions within myself, and also how I am perceived by others. Through the juxtaposition of concept and mediums used, Dichotomy reflects my internal conflicts in hopes it also discloses the clash that each of us continue face as humans.


NIRVANA – Sisam Bhandari

Nirvana, Sisam Bhandari     On display, 2014 (Heckscher Museum Long Island’s Best Young Artists exhibit)    *Andrew Presburg promising young artist award

Ibram Lassaw once said, “the conscious mind undoubtedly is a participant in the process. The work uses the artist to get itself born.” Nirvana relates to this quote and Lassaw’s piece, Space Loom XXIII that was on view at the Heckscher Museum of Art. Lassaw’s sculpture relates to the concept of continuity and infinity, which inspired me to create Nirvana that is infinite and intricately connected. In Nirvana, the telescope allows the soul to look to the infinite space developing its own hard wired connection with the universe.


Lucid Dreams – Sisam Bhandari

Exhibited at the Heckscher Museum for LIBEST (2015).                                                              Featured on The New York Times “Things to Do on Long Island, March 22 to 28, 2015”. 


Sisam Bhandari
Lucid Dreams, Graphite and dye


Lucid Dreams was inspired by Dream 28 (Grete Stern) from the exhibit of Modern Alchemy: Experiments in Photography at the Hechsher Museum. Dream 28 by Grete Stern comes from a series of 140 photomontages that illustrate the psychoanalysis of women’s fears and desires. I decided in my piece, Lucid Dreams, to make the focal point a self portrait in order to represent a void. It is where all the illustrations come from, which depicts my imaginations, fears and desires.